Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

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Helping Clients with PREA Training & Compliance

In the delivery of this service, Global Corrections Group utilizes Certified Department of Justice PREA Auditors who will assist the facility to create an assessment of the PREA program as compared against the PREA Guidelines.

PREA areas to be audited include, but are not limited to: whether an acceptable PREA Staffing Plan is in existence and if the same is reviewed annually; whether there is a “Zero Tolerance” policy with respect to sexual assault/abuse and sexual harassment at the facility; are cross-gender pat and strip searches conducted in exigent circumstances and in a professional manner; transgender and intersex inmate procedures; risk screening and assessment procedures; whether there are procedures to ensure detainees with disabilities (including detainees who are deaf or hard of hearing, those who are blind or have low vision, or those who have intellectual, psychiatric, or speech disabilities) and non-English speaking detainees have access to and can experience the full benefits of the PREA program; staff and inmate PREA training requirements and compliance; and whether contractors and volunteers receive requisite training as prescribed in the appropriate standards.